Dozens of companies are tracking you via your Android phone

stalkers on your phone This article and series of links put together by Dallin Crump spells it out pretty well. You're toast. And we quote:

We’re used to the idea of Google and Facebook mining our personal data. We justify it because in return we get to use some pretty powerful and helpful products and services for free or for cheap.
      What most of us don’t realize, however, is that embedded in some of the most popular apps we use — from Lyft to Accuweather to Microsoft Outlook — are not one but in many cases multiple trackers from dozens of different companies that are collecting massive amounts of data about their users.
      An article at The Intercept lays this all out in chilling detail as it summarizes the recently published findings of research into 40 trackers by Yale Privacy Lab and French nonprofit Exodus Privacy.
GO The Intercept: Staggering Variety of Clandestine Trackers Found in Popular Android Apps
GO 25 trackers hidden inside popular Google Play apps such as Uber, Tinder, Skype, Twitter, Spotify, and Snapchat


And you thought we were kidding you about Russia and Cybercrime

Dirty Twitter In 2008, when Russia launched they cyberwar on Georgia, we predicted it would get a lot worse before it gets better. We've known for more than a decade that the Russians were exploiting Clinton's unregulated internet to manipulate society in devious ways. Now, suddenly, the Trump era brings it clearly into the living rooms across America, and the government thinks it's something new.

Quoting  begins As many as 126 million Facebook users may have seen content produced and circulated by Russian operatives. Twitter said it had discovered that 2,752 accounts controlled by Russians, and more than 36,000 Russian bots tweeted 1.4 million times during the election. And Google disclosed for the first time that it had found 1,108 videos with 43 hours of content related to the Russian effort on YouTube. It also found $4,700 worth of Russian search and display ads. Quoting  ends

Now, after it's too late, someone asks if social media should have some kind of regulation. Well, hello!

Here's yet another recent article on the topic in Forbes. Please use your browser's "reader" function to block all Forbes spam and stalker links. Not recommended site for phone use.


NEVER share tax or financial information with any requests from an email! Your identity is at risk!

SECURITY CHECK If you get an email claiming to provide credit checks, or look at your credit scores, DO NOT CLICK! Not only will you be tagged for more spam, you will be tagged as someone who is interested in their financial status. You will be asked questions to reveal things you do not want to reveal. Please look at this info-graphic, understand the warning, and share it with friends and family! ...


ALERT : Walgreens Gift Card Spoof may lead to identity theft

??? This cybercrime cartel changes its attack almost daily, and is protected by Cloudflare domain masking services -- very difficult to stop! Their ploys are creative and convincing. BEWARE, and share this infographic ...


The FBI Files a report

If you're over 60, then 55,043 of your fellows were victims of cybercrime during 2016 -- to the tune of $339,474,918 dollars. It's not if you will be attacked. It's when you will discover you were.


Apple Login page spoofed to steal your identity!


The Spamcop agents and Safenetting are tracking a breaking cyber attack posing as the Apple login page, instructing you to update your parameters. DO NOT fall prey to this attack! See and share the info graphics we have prepared for this ALERT.


Rep. Pallone Says FCC Plan Would ‘Sabotage’ Net Neutrality


Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to roll back the 2015 Open Internet Order is an attack that supports monopolistic interests and threatens democracy, Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J

Pallone, who is the ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, slammed Pai’s draft proposal, set for a vote at the commission’s May 18 meeting, and said Hill Democrats have no reason to believe the Republicans supporting it have any real intention to replace net neutrality rules with meaningful protections after nixing the Obama-era regulations. His remarks came at a New America’s Open Technology Institute event.


DNS changer malware: how to detect it and protect yourself


The Domain Name System (DNS) is the part of internet infrastructure that resolves easily-remembered domain names that humans use into more obscure IP addresses that internet-connected computers use. Without DNS, we would have to remember the IP address of every new site we want to visit.

In that regard, DNS seems mostly related to convenience. In reality, DNS is also a critical part of internet security. Your computer trusts DNS to give it the correct IP address for any given site. Sadly, there are very few precautions in place to detect incorrect DNS responses, which leaves a security gap for bad guys to exploit.


‘Playpen’ Creator Sentenced to 30 Years


For years the good guys on the internet have fought the evil forces of cybercrime. All forms of pornography, particularly child pornography are driven by money. The Cybercrime world is well aware that there is an unquenched thirst for porn, and people will pay for it.

Dark Web ‘Hidden Service’ Case Spawned Hundreds of Child Porn Investigations Infographic depicting statistics from the ongoing investigation into the Playpen child pornography website and its members as of May 2017.


FBI : The Scourge of Child Pornography

FBI report Digital Evidence Response Team -- Working to Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children

North Hills Man Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Producing Sexual Images of Minors. Melrose Man Sentenced to 60 Months for Child Pornography Offenses. Boylston Man Charged with Distributing Child Pornography. Navajo Man from Churchrock Pleads Guilty to Federal Child Sexual Abuse Charge. Vestal Man Pleads Guilty to Distributing and Receiving Child Pornography. Binghamton Man Pleads Guilty to 12 Counts of Distributing Child Pornography.


How to clear you Google Search history

Use these steps to clear you Google Search History

        GO Here, try it for yourself at MyActivity/